Using LiDAR technology, Looty digitally records these artefacts, renders them in 3D, and tokenises them on the blockchain as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This procedure, ‘digital restitution’, enables Looty to avoid bureaucratic procedures and enter the digital sphere, making it simpler for anyone to acquire and study these cultural items.For today’s younger generation of African students, artists, architects, and creatives, access to our ancestral cultural production is limited. Unable to travel to or visit institutions, it is becoming more and more difficult to connect with their rightful heritage. Current debates rage endlessly around whether artefacts should be physically returned; Looty have taken matters into their own hands.

Our mission is to empower the future generation of artists from the continent of Africa. Looty will release NFTs in editions of 25 unique 1 of 1 designs. The sale of each additional NFT will pay royalties of 20% to the Looty Fund. Giving out grants to young artists' from the continent of Africa.

Profits generated from the Looty NFT sales will go in to the Looty Fund. This Fund will be delivering grants for African creatives between the ages of 15 and 25 to help in their endeavours. Thank you for your support, bigger things to come.Read the Program Guide here for more information.


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The story starts here but does not end with this NFT alone. Our roadmap ensures that all cultural significant artworks are given back to their correct owners, facilitating access and economic participation.

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