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Our mission is not just to highlight disparities but to actively bridge them, using the dual tools of creativity and technology. Join us on this journey.

Where Visionary Thought Meets Transformative Action

Our endeavors in the art world, while significant, are just the tip of the iceberg. Beyond reclaiming stolen artwork through pioneering blockchain and NFT methodologies, we craft immersive 3D experiences that transcend the digital realm.

These are not mere exhibitions; they are dialogues, conversations that invite participation, introspection, and, ultimately, transformation.In the ever-evolving tapestry of art and technology, LOOTY emerges as a beacon of innovation and purpose, meticulously woven together by the visionary foresight of our founder, Chidi Nwaubani. Profound design thinking have created a movement, ideology, and call to action rather than merely an art collective.


Founder & visionary

The creator of Looty, Chidi Nwaubani is a visionary designer, artist and tech practitioner. His outstanding contributions have been recognised with a Webby Award and featured in BBC, Rueters and Frieze, among other publications. As a member of Snapchat's Lens Creator Network, experimenting with XR/AR to redefine art by providing captivating experiences. Looty's genesis reflects Chidi's vision to empower artists and reimagine ideas using tech like blockchain and NFTs. A member of the African Futures Institutes 'Pinpoint', an archive of the top 100+ innovative African and African diaspora practitioners created by Lesley Lokko. A speaker, who recently spoke at a globally recognized initiative Doha Debates his insights contribute to the ongoing dialogue about the role of art, technology, and culture.Reimagining the Past, Augmenting the Future

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Ahmed Abokor

Co-founder, Creative Director

As the creative director and co-founder of Looty, Ahmed embarked on his Looty journey at the inaugural heist at the British Museum. His goal is to cultivate a global community through innovative practices. Inspired by his profound love for African culture and the global Black community, Ahmed's creative vision has made an impact in the industry. His portfolio boasts collaborations with major brands such as Nike and Spotify showcasing his ability to seamlessly blend cultural authenticity with cutting-edge innovation. Beyond his roles at Looty, Ahmed is the founder and creative director of the design studio AOK. His position as a D&AD judge demonstrates his commitment to pushing boundaries and fostering excellence in design. With features on creative platforms like "It's Nice That," Ahmed's work continues to captivate and inspire audiences.

Reimagining the Past, Augmenting the Future

In LOOTY's lexicon, disruption is not a buzzword; it's a way of life. We continuously push boundaries, not for the sake of rebellion, but for evolution, for a future where art, technology, and imagination coalesce in ways previously deemed impossible.

But what truly sets LOOTY apart is our unwavering commitment to the broader issues at hand. We recognize that in an interconnected world, art cannot exist in a vacuum. It must speak to the socio-cultural paradigms of our times, challenge them, reshape them. This is why our projects, while rooted in art, branch out into the realms of Web3, technology, and beyond, always with an eye on the larger narrative.

As we chart this audacious journey, we extend an invitation to you: to engage, to question, to reimagine. With LOOTY, you're not just observing art; you're part of a global narrative, a story that has the power to redefine our collective future.Step into our world, where every brushstroke is a statement, every pixel a manifesto, and every idea a revolution waiting to unfold. Welcome to LOOTY.